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Online Business Card Printing Services

Online Business Card Printing Services

Guide To Online Business Card Printing

There are online business card printing services that allow you to design your cards, place an order and pay for them through their websites. The cards can then be printed and shipped to the customer. This cuts down on the time it usually takes to have cards designed, approved and printed. Choose a design from a selection of ready-made templates, input your text and approve the final proof before printing.


Examples of printed business cards can be seen on the websites to give an idea of what your cards will look like. Bear in mind however that the on-screen version will look slightly blurry as it is low resolution so it will load quicker - this is no indication of how the final printed product will look. Design your business cards, order and pay through the website and the cards should arrive 48 hrs to a week later depending on how complicated your requirements are and on the supplier's turnaround time.

In addition to standard paper, you can have raised or embossed print for a more substantial look and feel. Also you are not restricted to paper, some online business card printing services offer other formats including metal discs, plastic business cards or stickers. Using a heavier weight paper is more expensive but gives you a better-quality, professional-looking card. Thick, good-quality paper creates a good impression, while a cheap, poorly-produced card may put off potential customers.

Printing your own business card designs

Business card printing services can usually print from your own business card design online, or they can help you create business cards online using Business Card Templates. To upload your own design: the files should be in specified formats such as Adobe Photoshop, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), Quark, Illustrator, gif or jpg to give a few examples. Artwork should be at least 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution to look good in print. Do not be tempted to reduce the resolution to reduce the file size if you are having problems uploading the files. Low-resolution graphics will not print well.

The image or design should be slightly larger than the actual card size to ensure that no white space is left around the design if the trimming isn't quite accurate. For the same reason leave some space around text and any important information so it is not right next to the edge. This avoids losing some of the text if the cropping is slightly out. The excess area is known as 'bleed' and it is recommended to leave at least 0.8 inches or 2mm.