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Design Business Cards Online: Make and Create Your Own

Design Business Cards Online: Make and Create Your Own

How To Design Business Cards Online

Anyone can design business cards online through websites offering online printing services. It is much faster and more efficient to create your own business cards through the Internet than using traditional methods. Business cards are a valuable marketing tool which, used correctly, can raise your profile and generate interest in your business.

Even if your business trades through the Internet only, it is still worth having business cards so you can publicize your website address and increase your traffic.


Make and Design Business Cards Online

Designing business cards online has become possible through using predefined templates which the customer can use to select a card design and layout that they like. The templates have predefined text fields where the customer can input their name and contact details. There is a choice of backgrounds from plain, patterned or background images usually sorted by category. Once you make a business card online, you can approve it and order a batch to be printed. Although the user can change around the layout, colors and background, templates are limited to the range of choices available so many prefer personalized, custom business cards. This is where you upload your own graphics and designs to be used by online printing companies.

Printing Business Cards Online

Once the printers have received your business card designs and graphics, they can print them for you. You can either email your files or upload them via their website to speed the process up rather than sending CDs or disks. Turnaround time depends on how busy the printer is, their location and how complicated your requirements are, but it is possible to receive your business cards within 48 hours. If you are uploading your own images and artwork then you should check first what file formats the printers can accept, for instance gif, pdf, jpg, etc. If you are using image editors then make sure you have set the color preferences to CMYK. Printing full color business cards is more expensive than printing black and white or one color.

Order and Buy Business Cards Online

The ordering and purchasing process can be done online. Once you have approved the design then you can order as many cards as you need. Quotes for the work can be done by email and printers usually have their rates advertised on their websites. Payment can usually be made through the website by credit card which means that the order can be processed more quickly than if you are sending a check.