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Custom Designed Business Cards

Custom Designed Business Cards

Custom Designed Business Cards Online

Creating custom designed business cards online is a fairly simple process and enables people to create professional business cards to their own specifications. One option is to use predefined business card templates which enables the user to select a layout and style that they like the look of from a selection and they can customize elements of the design such as font size and color.

Unfortunately templates can be limiting in that you can only choose from the selection of background images and logos on that website. Some people may wish to create unique business cards which are personalized for them and their company, using their corporate logo and colors. For instance for an airline company you could use a picture of an airplane as the background. However, you may want custom designed business cards with a picture of your airline's company logo on rather than a generic one.


Printers will accept artwork, logos and designs in a predefined format such as gif, jpg, PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or PSD (Adobe Photoshop). The files can be uploaded through the printer's website and they can use your images to create custom designed business cards. If you do not have a logo or design of your own, you can get assistance with graphic design online. In addition there is software which allows you design and print your own business cards. Another option is to use a desktop publishing program - many printers will accept Quark files.

Templates allow you to choose colors from a range of predefined palette but customized colors designed for your business may not be available. Color business cards are printed using the CMYK color system so be aware that how the colors display on screen may be different to how they look in print. Screen monitors use the RGB system and there are variations in the way programs convert RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Generally screen colors appear brighter than they do in print. If using a graphics package or image editor such as Adobe Photoshop then make sure that the color preferences are set to CMYK mode before sending electronic files to the business card printers.

Another factor to be aware of when submitting files for custom designed business cards is that there needs to be a 'bleed' area of about 0.8 inches around the edge of the design. This is where the business card design carries over the edge of the actual card size to allow for any slight errors at the trimming stage so there is no white space around the design on the actual card.