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Advice On How To Create Your Own Business Cards

Advice On How To Create Your Own Business Cards

Successfully Create Your Own Business Cards

When you create your own business cards, whether it be your own or for someone else, it is worth spending some time planning your design and content. Care and thought at the planning stage is required to achieve high-quality professional-looking cards. The first consideration is to think about who is going see your card and what you are using it for. Some people use business cards as a way of contacting potential employers when they are looking for work as well as a marketing tool for their company when they are already in a job. For freelancers it is particularly important to create a professional, well-designed business card to hand out to contacts.


Be Unique

When deciding what to include on your business card, bear in mind that you only have 3inches by 2inches of space so be ruthless about cutting out any unnecessary information. For a company or freelancer it is important to include information on what goods or services you offer in case your card ends up in the hands of someone who has not heard of you, or your company. Consider having the email address instead of the postal address - after all, people use mail less and less these days and if people want to post something, they can always phone or email. However if your company's location is important, then it may be better to leave the address in. Including your websites URL allows the contact to find out more about the company at their own convenience if they are interested.

The next step is to decide on a business card design. You can create your own business cards using image editors such as Photoshop, desktop publishing packages like Quark or bespoke business card design packages. Another option is to create business cards online, which has become easier with the development of business card templates. Create a card by choosing a template from a range of predefined designs and modify it to suit your requirements. However this method does have its limitations and many prefer to make custom cards with their own logos, colors and designs.

When choosing your design, consider what image you want to put across: trendy, formal, fun or casual. Consider your corporate image within the context of your industry as well as from the company's perspective. In other words, even though you have a modern approach, you may be working in a traditional industry and this aspect has to be acknowledged as well. Use images with care - a picture can say more than a thousand words but too many images confuse the user and may distract from important information on the card. Pictures should be relevant to your business and can be used to catch the user's attention and promote your corporate image.