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Color Business Cards: Printing Advice Online

Color Business Cards: Printing Advice Online

Making An Impression With Color Business Cards

Color business cards look more interesting and help your card stand out from the rest. Use of your corporate colors and logos immediately give a recognizable, distinctive look. However use of color can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand it can be used to create eye-catching cards that will promote you and your company.

On the other hand, overuse of color can result in garish, cluttered designs which distract the viewer from important information on the card, so use color with caution.


Printing Full Color Business Cards

Four color printing, or full color printing as it is also known, refers to the standard CMYK printing model used by most printers for offset printing. This consists of four primary colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which are used to make up a wide range of colors by mixing the four colors in different ratios.

A negative, proof and plate needs to be made up for each of the four colors which is why full color business card printing costs more than black and white or printing with just one other color and black. Two-color or three-color business card printing is available if you do not require the full range. Bear in mind though that black is considered a color so if you wanted cyan and black then you would have to pay for two-color printing which is still cheaper than the full four colors. The CMYK system is also known as process color printing as opposed to spot color printing.

Spot Color Business Card Printing

Spot color business cards can be a cheap alternative. This suits graphics or images made up of only one or two colors with no variation or shading. For instance because the hand in the BizCards logo at the top of this page is made up of different shades of pink, brown, beige and orange, you couldn't use spot colors as it would be very expensive as you would need so many different shades. However for a simple design with two contrasting colors you could pick the colors you wanted from a portfolio similar to a paint portfolio. This works out cheaper than printing using process colors.

Submitting Files to the Printers

Colors look different on screen to how they look in print because your screen monitors use the RGB system to display colors. RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue and in the same way as CMYK different colors are created from the basic Red, Green, Blue. CMYK is more limited than RGB so conversion programs try to find the nearest match but it won't be exactly the same color as you see displayed as an RGB color. When submitting your business card design to be printed, make sure that you submit them in CMYK mode. Most graphics packages such as Photoshop have a CMYK setting. Different programs convert the colors differently so to make sure you have the colors you want you should use the CMYK setting.