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Business Card Cases: Smart Metal and Leather Cases

Business Card Cases: Smart Metal and Leather Cases

Make an Impression with Business Card Cases

Business card cases to protect your business cards make great corporate gifts. They are a smart way of preventing your cards becoming crushed or crumpled from being carried around. Today's smart business card cases can also double as a wallet if you just want to carry a bank card and some notes. They are designed primarily out of leather and fit comfortably into a pocket. Basic card cases only cost a few dollars but they can go up to around $50 for unique metal designs.


Metal Business Card Cases

Metal card cases protect your cards but can dent easily and become scratched and worn depending on the type and quality of the metal. Silver is a low-cost, attractive metal to use but the downside is that it tarnishes and scratches easily. Silver is too soft to use in its pure form so it is alloyed with copper to form sterling silver. Aluminum is smart but as a case they are not very strong.

Smart looking metal business card cases are produced with different finishes: a highly-polished smooth finish is very shiny; a satin finish is where the metal is finely-brushed for a matte look; or the finish can be textured with a weave or net pattern. Patterns can be obtained using different finishes; for instance a polished Celtic knot design on a satin background makes the pattern stand out. Combinations of different metals can be used to achieve different colors, for instance having a two-tone pattern in silver and gold. Cases can be made of silver throughout or just be silver-plated. There are nickel cases with a spring-loaded mechanism and band inside to hold the business cards in place for longer use.

Leather Business Cards Cases

Leather cases are softer and bend more easily making them very comfortable to carry. However they are more bulky than metal cases. Leather does wear eventually becoming quite shabby looking but if cared for correctly it should last a few years. Gusseted leather cases have a folded flap between the two sides to allow your business card wallet to expand as you acquire more cards. Some leather cases are designed like mini wallets with separate compartments and a clear flap for containing your drivers' license.

Unique Business Card Cases

Business card holders come in many unique designs in both leather and metal. Crocodile-print or synthetic wood grain effect cases are slightly different. A unique corporate gift would be a customized smart case designed with your company logo. This would make an impression and as your card is already in the case, the contact is unlikely to lose it. A metal business card case with a matching compact containing a magnifying mirror suitable for shaving or applying makeup is ideal for both men and women. Another option is a matching business card case and pen set. Such cases are also suitable for engraving - some have a textured background with a smooth panel on the front designed to have a name engraved on it for the personal touch.