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Printed Business Cards Online

Printed Business Cards Online

Getting Printed Business Cards Online

Printed business cards are a great way to make good first impressions and gain new customers. They can be pretty versatile in their uses. Having a well designed business card is an important tool in creating a professional image for your company. Cards can be handed out anywhere at any time and can even be left in shops, at the hairdresser, or with other affiliated businesses.

Business card printers provide a range of other services such as producing letterheads, stationery, designing company logos, post-it notes, brochures and flyers. They can even print T-shirts and mouse mats as well which can be useful for promotional purposes. Customers can order business cards and pay online.


Printers can deliver to anywhere in the country and customers can communicate via email or fax and cards can be proofed using the post or by fax. This is particularly advantageous for customers who have offices all round the country - the business card can be designed and proofed from a single source, for instance the stationery person based at the main office, and then distributed to offices around the country.

Business card printers can be paid online or by cheque. Cheques take longer to verify, so payment by cheque is not ideal for urgent orders. Once set up as an existing customer it is very quick and easy to get reprints. Much of the cost is due to the initial set up - producing the plates and so one. The actual print run is relatively cheap. If the printers are using the normal mail services for delivery, be aware that this will take longer at busy times like Christmas. Business card samples can show quality of printing, weight of paper used and type of finish. Colors when viewed on-screen look different so it is better to see a printed proof of color work. If you don't have a logo already, you can have one designed through the printer for an extra charge.

Printed business cards provide the opportunity for your company and professionalism to shine through visual impact. They also act as a visual aid to word-of-mouth recommendations, which are known to be a powerful method of marketing.