Wireless Barcode Scanner: Cordless CCD/Laser Readers


Wireless Barcode Scanner: Cordless CCD/Laser Readers

Wireless barcode scanners are electronic scanning devices that enable you to wander freely while taking your inventory. They can save companies and customers vast amounts of time and effort. There are several kinds of wireless barcode scanning devices and among the most well known are laser scanners. These are called 'non-contact' scanners due to their ability to scan barcodes from a distance, without needing to touch them.

 Advantages of wireless barcode scanners

Wireless scanners are far more efficient and quicker to use than wands and CCD scanners and are most useful when you need to scan products from distances or on uneven surfaces.

They are light and portable and can also be connected to portable memory scanners. These are hand-held units with integrated micro-computers whose recorded information can easily be uploaded in to programs such as Excel on the company's main computer.

A further advantage is that error rates when recording information are drastically reduced when using barcoding systems and a wireless barcode scanner.

They also come in handy in places which require that you to move around a lot and environments that require long-range scanning with a heavy density of barcodes to be read. Many wireless scanners these days feature data transfer distances of more than100 feet.

Most common wireless applications

Over recent years barcode scanners have become so integrated into the consumer experience that it is hard to imagine a time before they existed. Their most common application is in supermarkets, grocery stores and nearly all retail outlets, but these uses only represent around 30 per cent of installations.

They are also widely used in warehouses and in many other industrial areas. Wireless scanners are also commonly seen in medical and healthcare environments, in offices and in inventory control.

The future

There are already some incredibly advanced barcode reading systems in place, such as those fitted with Bluetooth technology which can read all the most popular codes and symbologies and which can transmit information over considerable distances. Year-by-year, identification technology improves making life ever easier for businesses and consumers.

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