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Wasp Barcode Technology: Scanners & Software

Wasp Barcode Technology: Scanners & Software

The Wasp Barcode Technology Revolution

Wasp barcode technology has revolutionized the office environment by recognizing that supermarkets were not the only places where barcodes could be useful. Wasp Barcodes specializes in barcoding products for offices, where the company found a wealth of opportunities to change the way things are done. Wasp found that barcodes could make all kinds of jobs more efficient, including end-of-year inventories, credit card processing, accounting, security, voice recognition and the tracking of employees' hours and attendance.

The company offers a wide range of products from Barcode Scanners, software and printers to point-of-sale equipment and portable data terminals.


When Wasp was set up in 1994 to deal primarily with solutions for office applications, it started with the premise that many solutions for the office were too expensive and too complex to install. The founders set about redesigning the whole barcode industry.

One of the earliest innovations in Wasp barcode technology included developing the technology that could read two-dimensional barcode symbols. Since then they have gone on to develop a wide range of affordable business products such as True Type fonts, cutting-edge scanners and a variety of hardware and software suites.

Wasp Barcodes have also put in place a worldwide distribution network with a range of retail outlets and catalogues.


Although Wasp Barcodes specializes in products for the office, the company also offers a range of high-quality and durable Barcode Equipment for virtually every scenario and environment that calls for the use of barcodes.

The range of barcode technology and products can offer solutions for all office, retail and warehouse needs while increasing accuracy and productivity. The company also offers online support and advice for those interested in purchasing and installing their products.

Popular products

One of these is the Wasp Nest CCD suite with keyboard, scanner and labeler which enables you to convert your computer in to a total barcoding system. Wasp also offers suites that include laser scanners and barcode labeling kits.

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