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Symbol Barcode Scanners: Laser and Handheld Scanners

Symbol Barcode Scanners: Laser and Handheld Scanners

A Quick Look at Symbol Barcode Scanners

Symbol barcode scanners are among the most popular on the market and are produced by Symbol Technologies. It is a leading manufacturer of mobile data management equipment, from hand-held computers to printers and software. Symbol barcode scanners are used in shops, offices and warehouses worldwide. They are well known for being easy to use and the company offers a strong after-sales back-up service.

Symbol's handheld scanners are suitable for a wide range of identification and data-reading applications. They enable businesses to keep track of a vast range of products, wherever they are. Employees can see how much merchandise is in stock, order items, keep up-to-date with deliveries and check prices.


Handheld laser scanners are useful in places such as warehouses, where codes have to be scanned from a distance, and in shops, where labels are often printed on uneven surfaces.

The company's fixed-mount and hands-free scanners are at the forefront of today's barcode technology. Probably the most common and popular Symbol barcode scanners are the in-counter and countertop scanners that are used by most large supermarkets and retail chains.

Symbol's in-counter laser scanners are used by most large supermarkets to increase their revenue throughout and keep track of stock levels with minimum effort.

Among the latest innovations in barcode scanning are the in-store kiosks which enable customers who are in a hurry to scan their own products. Symbol offers a range of self-service kiosks.

Symbol also pioneered wearable barcode scanning products, such as the WSS 1000, which is attached to the wrist and is ideal for work in warehouses, factories, transport companies and logistics-type environments. This kind of lightweight miniature scan engine can even be used by doctors and nurses to access patient records swiftly in hospitals.

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