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Laser Barcode Scanners: Electronic Data Scanning

Laser Barcode Scanners: Electronic Data Scanning

What Are Laser Barcode Scanners?

Laser barcode scanners are one of the most popular and efficient electronic means with which to read 2D barcodes and to create inventories. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are used in a wide variety of places, from supermarkets to hospitals and offices, and are also used for stock-taking and ordering goods.

It is not possible for computers to read barcodes directly. The information contained within the barcode must be captured by a scanner before being decoded into a format that the computer can read.


Laser barcode scanners work by capturing all the information contained in the bars and white spaces before sending it to the decoder where it is translated into data that the computer can read.

How Barcode Laser Scanners Work

Working in much the same way as simple wand or pen-type scanners, laser barcode scanners use a light beam as their source of light and enable you to scan barcodes without having to physically move the scanner across the code. Instead the code can be read from anything between six and 24 inches away, or further if you invest in a long-distance scanner.

This type of electronic scanner is portable, hard-wearing and easy to use, and is also very useful for scanning barcodes on uneven surfaces and from distances. Laser scanners can easily read wide barcodes that other products such as the CCD scanner cannot.

Laser scanners come in many different forms, from the popular handheld 'gun' type operated by a trigger button, to counter-top and fixed-mount types.

When it comes to deciding which type of scanner to buy it is important to take into consideration the environment that it will be used in and the application that it will be used for. There are a whole range of scanners currently on the market offering something to suit the needs of all businesses.