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Barcode Label Printers Manufacturers

Barcode Label Printers: Manufacturer Overview

An Overview of Barcode Label Printer Manufacturers

It can be confusing when you are trying to buy barcode label printers for your business because there is such a vast array of products on the market to meet every need. To make things a little easier here is a list of the different manufacturers of barcode label printers and the kind of products they provide.


Citizen: Best known as a watch manufacturer, this long-established company supplies barcode and ticketing hardware, as well as many other products. With a smaller range than some rivals, Citizen has very good specific solutions for some barcode labeling needs, with an emphasis on precision microelectronic technology.

Zebra: This manufacturer of barcode label printers provides possibly the most comprehensive range of products on the market, from tiny portable thermal printers through desktop machines to the fastest, most reliable industrial solutions. As a global leader in the market they supply printers to almost every industry using barcodes today.

Cognitive: Having pioneered the technology in the 1980s, Cognitive specializes in desktop thermal printers and portable printers. It makes robust and economical entry level and mid range printers for business and small industrial applications. Its "clamshell" desktop printers are particularly easy to refill.

Datamax: This well know manufacturer provides a range of desktop and industrial thermal printers, from low-priced but efficient models to robust yet sophisticated printers for challenging business environments. It prides itself also on providing custom barcode label printing solutions.

Sato: This Japanese company made the first thermal model in 1979 and continues to manufacture mid-range to high end thermal printers with sophisticated on-board technology, facilitating a wide range of industrial high output printing applications.

Intermec: Concentrating on mid-range to industrial printers, Intermec manufactures barcode label printers for varying specific needs, from very small, high resolution label printing for electronic components to extra-wide high visibility labels. Its emphasis on complete data collection systems makes this Irish company's products a streamlined choice for some requirements.

Toshiba TEC: As well as competitively priced mid-range printers, Toshiba TEC manufactures very small portable printers and affordable desktop printers.

WASP Barcode Technology: This company provides a whole range of barcode and automated retail related products. Their small yet economical range of desktop and industrial printers uphold a reputation for reliable quality business solutions. Look out for their distinctive black and yellow products.