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Barcode Fonts for Windows, Mac, Unix and Word

Barcode Fonts for Windows, Mac, Unix and Word

Barcode Fonts for Your Computer

Barcode fonts are used to print barcodes onto labels from a computer. They behave in a similar way to other free fonts you may have encountered when using a word-processing application. Once the fonts have been loaded into your computer's memory you are able to type data in and instantly see it displayed as a barcode. More commonly the data to be encoded will be typed, selected and then converted into the barcode font as if you were changing from one font to another for appearance's sake.

Many of the most common barcode symbologies are available as fonts for use in straightforward word-processing applications such as Microsoft Word. It is even possible to create complex 2-D barcodes from a home computer which can be printed straight away. Or you can print labels from information on a database using barcode fonts through a word-processing application. Although the process is simple once set up, there are important considerations before printing barcodes yourself which must be understood.


Check carefully which font format you need for your computer system, or you could make a costly mistake. Most Windows users will use TrueType Fonts in common printing applications. Postscript fonts are also on offer for use with certain printers as well as bitmap fonts, internet fonts and fonts for other operating systems such as Macintosh and UNIX.

UPC Barcode Font Scaling and Purchase

The next thing to bear in mind is scaling. It is imperative when printing barcodes that what you print is readable not only by your own technology but also by all readers and scanners that the barcoded item may encounter. For this reason you must be very careful when scaling fonts. Try to purchase fonts in the weight and size you require - when you scale a UPC barcode font in an application changes can be made that render the barcode unreadable. Be sure the font you are using is readable and intended for the printer you are using. It is possible to enlarge or heighten barcodes but be very careful whilst doing so.

Don't forget that many UPC barcode symbologies require a checksum to be calculated and added to the code to work properly. It is a laborious process and there are many software solutions to this problem, as well as automated fonts that calculate the checksum by themselves. If you leave it out your barcode may be unreadable.

UPC barcode fonts are readily available to buy online or they can be bought as packages in some shops. Many users of barcode fonts will only require a single font or font group for their system. Again, check carefully what you need and don't waste money on expensive but redundant font packages. And if you are going to use automated barcode printing or encoding software see which fonts are included in your product - they may need to be purchased separately. See our online directory at the top of the screen.