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Utah Bankruptcy - UT bankruptcy court, lawyers & attorneys

Utah Bankruptcy - UT bankruptcy court, lawyers & attorneys

Filing for bankruptcy in Utah State

Utah bankruptcy law does not allow federal exemptions to be used in addition to state exemptions. Instead, exemptions are governed by local law and state exemptions will dictate what assets can be protected. These exemptions include:

Homestead: Property, mobile home or water rights up to $20,000 for primary residence and $5,000 for others. Husband and wife (or other joint owners) may double.


Personal property: Animals, books and musical instrument sup to $500, artwork done by a member of the family, bed, bedding, carpets, washer and dryer, burial plots, clothing excluding furs and jewelry, food to last 12 months, furnishings and appliances to $500, health aids, motor vehicle to $2,500, heirlooms to $500, personal injury recoveries, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove and sewing machine, and wrongful death recoveries.

Insurance: Disability, illness, medical and/or hospital benefits and life insurance.

Miscellaneous: Alimony, child support, property of business partnership

Pension: ERISA-qualified benefits, public employees and other pensions needed for support

Public benefits: AFDC, crime victims' compensation, general assistance, unemployment compensation, veterans' benefits, workers' compensation

Tools of trade: Tools of trade to $3,500 and military or National Guard property.

Wages: At least 75 percent of unpaid wages or 30 times the federal minimum wage (whichever is higher) and pension payments.

Utah Bankruptcy District Court:

Frank E. Moss, U.S. Courthouse
350 South Main Street, No. 301
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Tel: (801) 524-6688s

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