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Bankruptcy Lawyers Online - Find a bankruptcy lawyer online

Bankruptcy Lawyers Online - Find a bankruptcy lawyer online

How to find a reliable bankruptcy lawyer

So you've made the decision to hire a lawyer to handle your bankruptcy proceedingsbut how do you find good, experienced bankruptcy lawyers? Since filing for bankruptcy can determine the course of your finances for the rest of your life, you want to be utterly sure that the lawyer you hire is experienced and reputable. Since you're paying for his or her services, you want someone who is attentive and committed, and has the time to answer your questions about the complicated bankruptcy procedure.


One of the best ways to find a bankruptcy lawyer is the same manner in which you would find a trusted mechanic or an efficient plumber - by word of mouth. If you're comfortable doing so, ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers if they can recommend a quality bankruptcy lawyer. For a professional opinion, contact a local lawyer you trust and know and ask for a referral. Lawyers are often familiar with those who practice in the area and might be willing to recommend a good bankruptcy lawyer.

If you prefer to find your lawyer through a local legal group, the American Bar Association provides a Lawyer Locator on their Web site at www.abanet.org Your local bar association can also provide referral services for a bankruptcy attorney in your area. The American Board of Certification supplies the contact information of lawyers that specialize in, and are certified in, bankruptcy cases. This information is organized by state on their web site at www.abcworld.org.

A large number of bankruptcy lawyers advertise their services via the Yellow Pages or on television; it is recommended that you check their credentials and history with your local bar association. Although certainly not the rule, some lawyers who mass advertise turn out to be focused on creating a large business following, often sacrificing quality for quantity. You want a lawyer who is readily available.

After you have thoroughly researched bankruptcy lawyers, contact your likely choice in order to make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Talk to them face to face and make sure this is someone you can work with, as you will be working through your financial history. You must be completely truthful when discussing your monetary matters with your lawyer; any mistakes may be construed as bankruptcy fraud. If you are in any way uncomfortable with an individual, move on. Most lawyers offer free initial one hour consultations.