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Illinois Bankruptcy Online - IL Bankruptcy Court & Attorney Details

Illinois Bankruptcy Online - IL Bankruptcy Court & Attorney Details

Online Guide to Illinois Bankruptcy Exemptions

Illinois bankruptcy laws dictate that all debtors are required to claim state exemptions, because Illinois has opted out of using federal exemptions. Illinois state exemptions include the following:

Homestead: Property up to $15,000 is exempt.


Personal property: Family pictures, schoolbooks, clothing and Bible, health aids, motor vehicle up to $2,400 and title to a boat measuring over 12 feet.

Insurance: Health, and/or disability benefits, life insurance and up to $15,000 in proceeds if the home is destroyed.

Miscellaneous: Alimony and child support.

Pension: IRAs, civil service employees, county employees, firefighters, disabled firefighters and/or their widows and children, general assembly members, house of correction employees, judges, municipal employees, park employees, police officers, public library employees, sanitation district employees, state employees, state university employees and teachers.

Public benefits: Aid to the disabled, crime victims' compensation, social security, unemployment compensation, veterans' benefits and workers' compensation.

Tools of trade: Books and tools of trade to $1,500.

Wages: At least 85 percent of unpaid weekly wages or 45 times the federal or state minimum wage (this could be higher for those on a low income), and pension payments.

Wild card: Personal property up to $4,000

There are U.S Bankruptcy Courts in each of Illinois' two districts:

Northern District of Illinois

Eastern Division, Chicago
219 S. Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: (312) 435-5694

Western Division, Rockford
211 S. Court Street
Rockford , IL 61101
Tel: (815) 987-4350

Southern District of Illinois

East St. Louis Courthouse
Melvin Price Federal Courthouse
750 Missouri Ave.
East St. Louis , IL 62201
Tel: (618) 482-9400

Benton Courthouse
Federal Courthouse
301 West Main Street
Benton , IL 62812
(618) 435-2200

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