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Bankruptcy Court Online - United States Court Proceedings

Bankruptcy Court Online - United States Court Proceedings

The United States Bankruptcy Court timeline

The U.S Bankruptcy Court has branches and websites pertaining to every district so you can get information and advice specific to your home state laws.

Time is usually of the essence in financial matters. But legal cases in the United States are constantly mired down by red tape, paperwork and the occasional mistake. Bankruptcy is no exception. Provided nothing goes wrong, can you expect a general timeline for your bankruptcy court proceedings? Please be aware that deadlines and laws may differ according to district.


  • Ten days after filing you should receive a letter of introduction from your court-appointed trustee, who may request additional information for your case.
  • Twenty days after filing, you should receive a Notice of Commencement of Case from the court, which should tell you the date of your mandatory creditors meeting.
  • Three weeks after filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you or your lawyer must inform creditors of your repayment plan.
  • 30 days after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must file a Statement of Intention with the court. The Statement lists any indebted property you plan to keep or submit to the court, and what action you plan to take with it.
  • 30 days after filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the first payment in your repayment plan is due.
  • 40 days after filing is the creditors meeting. You will meet with your trustee to go over the paperwork, and you must attend or your case will be thrown out.
  • 30 days after your creditors meeting, your trustee and/or creditors may protest any property you plan to claim as exempt.
  • 60 days after the Chapter 7 creditors meeting, creditors have the opportunity to protest the bankruptcy and dispute the discharge of any debt. The court may also dismiss your case if it believes it is unjust and/or without good cause.
  • Four months after filing, if there is no objection from your creditors, any applicable debt is discharged and your Chapter 7 case may be complete.
  • Three years from your first payment under Chapter 13 is the minimum amount of time you have to complete your payment plan. If you have paid off all allowable claims then you may enter your plea of discharge, or completion of, the Chapter 13 plan.
  • Five years from your first Chapter 13 payment is the maximum amount of time you have to complete your payment plan. If you have completed your plan you must enter your plea of discharge to the court.

For more information on forms, filing fees and other resources check the United States Bankruptcy Court website.